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Hi. I'm Hal, the Chandos Wolf. As you have seen by my Home Page and the following pages on my website here; I have a fascination and a love for the Wolf. And I also have a full pledged belief in the preservation of not only the Wolf, but all the members of the Animal Kingdom.

I also have a love and interest in three other members of the Animal Kingdom. One being the Gorilla, especially the Mountain Gorilla; the second being the Grizzly Bear; and the third being the Polar Bear. Four magnificent creatures, all in their own right. Mighty and strong on their own, or in packs or group settings, they have all caught my imagination and fascination for them.

It is because of my love and interest for these wonderful creatures of nature, I created this page. I hope you enjoyed your stay, and your visit here to my site, as well as this page. And I hope you leave here with a feeling for the necessity for the preservation of these beautiful creatures.

And please sign my guestbook before you leave, so I know what friends dropped in for a visit. Thanks.

Hal. (Chandos Wolf)

The Gorilla

Lowland Gorilla

Lowland Gorilla

Baby Mountain Gorilla

The Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear cub

The Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear Cubs



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*I receive files containing pictures and graphics sent to me by friends and aquaintances, who surf the net. Should you find any graphics, pictures, or logo's which have been taken from your Home page and site without your permission, and used on my Home page and site, please contact me to either remove or link back to your site. I will honour your request. "Chandos Wolf".