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You may apply for the following awards by completeing the award application box found below, and please be sure to tick off the box for the award you are applying for, and forward me your E-Mail. And if I can't find your site to view, because of the application box not being fully completed, then unfortunately, I can't forward your requested award(s).

Your home page and site should be for all ages to enjoy. Please do NOT apply for my Awards if your site displays any Profanity, Pornography, Racism, Adult Material and any sites displaying Killed animals for Sport or animals shown as Hunting Trophys!!!    You should have no broken links, no dead end pages, and no pages under construction!!!    And your site must be in English or have an English version available!!!

I reserve the right NOT to issue my Awards under any of these expressed requirements!!!

And please sign my guest book, so I know what website friend visited my Home page and site.

And once you receive my award please link it back to my Home page. And forward me an E-Mail, informing me that you have the award displayed on your site, so I may view it.

Thankyou for applying for my Awards, and visiting my Home Page and site. I do hope you enjoyed your visit.

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"The Chandos Wolf"

This is Award #1
Bronze Award

This is Award #2
Award of Excellence

This is Award #3
Gold Award #A

This is Award #4
Gold Award #B

This is Award #5
Graphics Award

This is Award #6
Rememberance Award

I give this award at my sole discretion, and no applications for this award will be accepted. I will not be giving this award to any site which contains pornograpy, profanity, or adult material. Your Home page and site should be for all ages to enjoy. Also, you should have no broken links, or dead end pages.

Completed form will be sent directly to "Chandos Wolf "

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One-Bronze  Two-Excellence Three-Gold_A

Four-Gold_B Five-Graphics Six-Rememberance

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Click on my new Chandos Wolf plaque to visit my Chandos Wolf plaque page and complete the application form found there, should you wish to display my new Chandos Wolf plaque on your Home page and site. A link to your Home page and site, and a brief discription of your Home page will be entered on my Chandos Wolf plaque links pages. And no banners please.



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*I receive files containing pictures and graphics sent to me by friends and aquaintances, who surf the net. Should you find any graphics, pictures, or logo's which have been taken from your Home page and site without your permission, and used on my Home page and site, please contact me to either remove or link back to your site. I will honour your request. "Chandos Wolf".