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?What is love???? ?How do you know you are in love???? ?How can you know what you are feeling for another is true love???? These are questions that have laboured upon many a mind and many a heart. These questions have been researched, studied, and discussed from the past times in history down to modern day, and have been the result of many a TV or radio talk show discussions, newspaper and magazine coloumns and articles, chat room discussions, written books and many a discussion between friends and lovers alike, or discussions with your weekly visitation to your Psychiatrist or counsellor. And I have even had these questions put to me to try and answer and explain.

I will never lay claim to having the answer to these questions or ever having a full understanding of these questions. I can only relate from my own experiences and from my feelings deep down inside where it all counts. It is from this well of experience and feelings that I will best try to describe what Love and True Love means to me.

Love to me can be a very much needed change of daily routine. Without the touch of love in your heart and mind and very soul, daily life can be many things, such as boring, uneventful, unhappy, lonely, depressing, and empty dreams and unfilled wishes. Many a nite can be spent forever looking out that empty window, or wishing upon a star, or just spending time alone as the seconds slowly tick by. And feeling the lonliness within as you watch other couples having fun, and joking and talking, and hugging and walking together hand in hand and just having someone to spend time with, and knowing they will never spend time alone as so many people do, myself included at one time or another in our lifetime.

Or to also have been jilted by someone who was very close to us, or to have lost someone very close to us, or to be in a loveless relationship feeling trapped and as if in a cage with no escape or missing the forever happiness to be felt inside. Daily life can then become very depressing which can lead to needing nerve medication, or possibly lead to having a fling or an affair with someone else to just feel happy and good about ourselves again. And then again, the fling or the affair can sometimes lead to further depression and inner lonliness, as it does not fulfill our inner need of being wanted and needed by someone else, and our need to want and need someone else as well, and the wanting and needing to live happily ever after with that special someone, allowing us to once again be unhappy and incomplete within ourselves. And sometimes our wanting a better and happier life, can have us thinking we feel love for someone, and then ending up with someone else in a relationship that is no better than the one we are currently in or have just left. Love can then be decieving in so many ways depending on our current state of mind.

Love or true Love to me is something that touches every nerve ending you have in your body, like sticking your finger into an electric wall socket, which affects you in every way possible. Such as smiling for no reason when thinking of that special person, or waking up each morning with that special person on your mind. Finding yourself as you go through your daily life constantly having that special person pop into your mind, or having something happen that reminds you of that special person, such as watching another couple walking hand in hand, or reading something or watching something, or over hearing something being said. Or the feeling of a new lightness or notice a new spring in your step, and you find yourself happier than you ever thought possible, and just enjoying and loving life again, because of that special person entering into your life and touching you in just the right way. And even find yourself singing or humming to a song that you both share and have chosen as ?your special song?, and find that song keeps playing over and over within your mind, bringing sweet thoughts of that special person.

And enjoying the new feeling of excitement when conversing with that special person either by mail, phone and or in person, and the excitement when you know you are going to meet that special person and or spend time with that special person, or when the phone rings and you know it will be him or her on the other end, or your computer screaming out at you, that you have mail!!! And your daily thoughts now changed to preparing and planning for when you do get together with that special person. And then mysteriously, you find yourself missing that special person when they are not with you. And it may also be inner feelings of possible jealousy towards that special person and or the uncotrollable feelings of maybe losing that special person in our life that we know it is love that we are feeling inside for that special person. And to sometimes find yourself sitting and pondering how you ever lived without that special person in your life or even perhaps pondering what life would be like without that special person now in your life. This my friends, is the touch of love entering into your heart and mind, and possibly down to your very soul.

Fortunately for me I have felt and tasted true love twice in my lifetime. My first true love I lost due to a terminal illness, but life does have a way of healing all wounds and making all things right with the world again, with time and finally closure. This special Lady has once again put a smile on my face, love into my heart and given me true happiness which I have not felt for a long time now. The good Lord has blessed me in many ways with his hand in my meeting and falling in love with my special Lady. To have found true love once in my life was just great, but to have been touched by true love twice in my life is indeed a blessing in itself. Total peace and happiness is possible to attain, and can be found. And most times, when you least expect it. This kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime. And sometimes if your very lucky and are indeed blessed , then it can happen more than once, as I have found out first hand with the unconditional love I receive from and I give to, my special Lady, Linda.

Our relationship started out as Linda and I met at a family BBQ, and we then soon after went out on a date, and found we enjoyed each other's company, and slowly fell in love with each other with the more time we spent together. And the love we have for each other has grown and blossomed into true Love. I know within myself I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and loving her. She completes me in every way, and fulfills my life in every way possible. I know that her love for me has forever touched my heart and is forever embedded into my mind and soul. And I know I can honestly say that I truly love her in every way possible, and with everything in me, and truly unconditionally. True love for someone else is feelings that comes from your heart that you know you could never have or give to anyone else but that one special and important person in your life, as I know I feel and have for only Linda. I also know that there in no other woman on this planet who could make me feel the way I do for her.

So, it is with my understanding and feelings that I have described above and the changes within me and through the changes in my now daily life, that I know I am in love and that I do feel true love for my special Lady Linda. As we may all have love touch and affect us differently, it is my feeling that in most cases the changing affects and the feelings within us will be similar in nature. True love cannot exist without making and allowing changes and new feelings to affect our thinking and our daily routines and as to how we now look at our lives as it once was before true love touched and entered into our hearts and minds, and has now changed us and our lives forever. This my friends is what I percieve love and true love to be, and how to know that you are in fact feeling love and are in love with that special someone. True love is indeed the spice to life and the one ingredient that will forever put a smile on your face, and happiness within your heart and mind. And when we are all old and gray, and sitting and pondering back over our lifetimes, we will forever remember each time love has touched us, and forever remember and be forever thankful for that one true love that entered into our hearts and minds and forever blessed us.

I love you Linda

always and forever,


Copyrighted by Hal..(Chandos Wolf)



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