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First, let me start out by saying that my thoughts written here are my thoughts only, and you may agree or disagree with me as you wish. I think life can be considered as like being on a train. Every train has to start out on a route from a station, with stops along the route. So, if you consider life as having been born at the station, and as you start your life, you have many stops along the way. These stops in life can be birthdays, accidents, deaths, births, trips, moves, meeting people, your first date, meeting that one special person in your life, marriage, separation, divorce, health problems, and finally your own death one day. All these stops in life are from the day you are born, until the day you leave this life.

Life is a daily thing we all encounter. It starts with the sunrise, and ends with the sunset. Some days can be very eventful, and other days down right boring, depending on your situation at the time. I love life. I find life very interesting. Every day is not the same for me, and every day is what I make it, or want it to be. I find myself every morning, sitting with my coffee in hand, wondering what today will bring, what new friend will I meet today, etc. And of course, things can happen in my daily life that I have no control over, but it is all in how you deal with it that matters. As it is written, good always comes with bad. So, I enjoy the good, and deal with the bad, every day

I am presently 52 years old. I have now reached that midway point in my life. And as I look back on my life, I have had that train make many stops, so far. Some good, some bad, and a few down right mean or nasty, depending on how you look at it. I have lost my Grandparents, my Mother, my Uncle, a few other relatives, and my wife Jennie This was honestly the worst time of my life, when I lost Jennie to cancer. I almost gave up on life at this point. But, something inside me just keeps me going. And I have. And I sure haven't given up on life by any means.

What I find so interesting about life, is that you never know what is around the next corner, or the next stop of the train. I think back of all the people I have met so far, and most I called friend. Some have now left my life due to death, or just moving on, and some are still very close to me. But, I am glad that I met them, and now think of all the new friends I will meet and make. I have also met a few very "Special" people in my life, who have changed my life considerably to date. One in particular I met around that next corner, or stop, and has made my life very interesting again. So, as I say, you just never know.

The funny thing about life, and I wouldn't have it any other way, is the fact of the unknown, or not knowing what will happen that day, the next day, or down the road, so to speak. I don't have a crystal ball, nor do I want one. Things in your life can seem to be heading in a certain direction, and then for no rhyme or reason to it, just change on you. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes it sems for the bad. And then, it can change on you again, and what seemed bad at the time, is now totally forgotten, and you move on to something else, that seems very good again.

One thing I have learned in my life, is that you always have to remain positive, no matter what. In my case, everything I have, and everything that I am, was not given to me. I had to learn, work, and earn them. And I have made a few mistakes in my life, and hopefully learned from them. so as not to be repeated. But, I do know this, I want to experience everything life has to offer me, or has in store for me. I don't want to miss a second of it. I love feeling happy, up, surprised, loved, needed, wanted, excited, etc. I also love the feeling of loving some one, missing them, the happiness they give me, thinking about them, worrying about them. and being able to help them, be there for them, and them knowing they will always have me to count on. It just doesn't get any better than that.

How many times in your daily life have you stopped and thought, I have done this before, or I knew this was going to happen, or I have been here before, or you just feel something that you know is familar for some reason. Call it preminition, reliving a dream, reincarnation, daiu-je-vous, etc. It is all part of life. Two things I will not touch on here, or ever, is religion, or politics. On these two subjects, no two people will ever totally agree, or think alike, so I see no point in discussing it. I hate arguing over anything, and most arguments are never solved anyways. So, why bother???

Many people in life find them selves faced with so many different problems or facts in life that they feel can, or cannot be changed. Disabilites, health problems, unhappy marriage, unhappy job, or just plain not happy with life in general. We all have times in our lives that we do feel that way, myself included. But, it is my belief that no matter how you do it, you can change your life for the better. It most times is not easy to do, but not entirely impossible either. It all boils back to being positive, and knowing what you want in life, and reaching out, and grabbing that gold ring. Most times it is not easy to do, but obtainable. You can just never give up in yourself, and who and what you are. Believe in yourself, and almost anything is possible. Sometimes to, we need help from others, or just that one "Special" person in our lives who can make all the difference in the world to us. That one "Special" person who sees us as who we are, what we are, and accepts us unconditionally as the person we really are, and can be. Whether it be friend, lover, mate, boss, co-worker, or stranger. We all need that someone "Special", no matter who it be.

I always take life one day at a time. I do have dreams, or thoughts of how I would like my life to end up, or be a big part of my life. But, I don't ever kid myself either. The best laid plans or dreams can always go astray, or just not work out the way you would like them to. So, I always try to keep everything in prospective, and see what happens. I always have myself sort of prepared for the worst, and then surprise myself by how things just have a way of working out the way I have planned it, dreamed it, or want it to be. You just never know. That is why you always have to remain positive. Nothing in this life is ever impossible to attain. Life I have found out is just to short for me to think any other way.

Well, the last stop on the train for me has been has brought true love into my life again. It started out as a chance meeting, which turned into true friendship which has now developed into true love. This special Mi'Lady has once again put a smile on my face, love into my heart and given me true happiness which I have not fealt for a long time now. The good Lord has blessed me in many ways with his hand in my meeting and falling in love with my special Mi'Lady. To have found true love once in my life was just great, but to have been touched by true love twice in my life is indeed a blessing in itself. So, as I say, you just never know what lies in wait for you around that next corner, and think what you could maybe be missing if your didn't take the chance to venture around that next corner. Isn't life just great???

So, I wish you all well on your train ride through life. May all your stops be good ones, and may you all be happy with your life, and may you all find what your looking for. And don't ever be afraid to see what is around that next corner in life, or what is at that next stop. It might just surprise you. One day, you just might look back and be ever so thankful the train made that one particular stop, or that you did venture around that one corner. Total peace and happiness is possible to attain, and can be found. And most times, when you least expect it. This kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime, and sometimes twice if you are really lucky.

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