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Hi. I would like you to meet Kitty. Kitty was born in September, 1993, and is presently 7 years old. Kity was born 99.999% blind at birth. She can only see either a very bright lite, or the bright sunshine, coming in through the window. And why the name Kitty??? Because that is the only name she would respond to, after many other names were finally given up in vain. So, Kitty it is. She likes it short, sweet, and to the point, like having her food bowl filled at all times. Or she will tell you in no certain terms, and never be at a loss for words, or meows, whichever you prefer. And if you try to be smart and throw a "Miss" in front of that Kitty, you will get the look!!!! She is a true female at heart!!! Hahaha. (Just kidding)

My wife Jennie brought her home one day, in November, 1993, and after being with us for a few hours, we came to the conclusion, we thought she was deaf. But after a day or so, it became quite apparent that she was not deaf, but she was blind. As she wouldn't venture around the house, and she would stay in one spot, right where you put her. Jennie asked should she take her back and get another one. I said no, as I was afraid that if the owners realized she was blind, they might do something bad to her, like kill her. So, we made the decision to keep her, and all turned out well.

The only thing you can't do with her, is change the furniture around to much, or definitely not move her food and water dishes. That really screws her up good for a bit. But, she soon became accustomed to her surroundings, and has done really well, since. Obviously, her being blind, I don't let her outside, as she could not fairly defend herself, or see an oncoming car, etc. She is now an indoors cat. I have moved 3 times with her, and it takes her a few days in her new surroundings to become accustomed to knowing where everything is.

Kitty doesn't play with toys much, as when she bats something away, then she obviously can't find it, unless it is attached to a string like in the pic below where she is playing with a batting ball toy. When she was younger, she used to run into walls and doors alot when playing with someone. But, she has now tamed that down alot. I think she realized that the headaches weren't worth the aggravation of playing, and the vet doesn't dispense tylenols. Hahaha But, she favoured my wife the most when Jennie was still with us,as you can see from the one pic she jumps up whenever Jennie was laying down, and snuggles up under her arm, but now, since Jennie has passed away, she has become quite attached to me, as the two of us live alone together.

You will notice from the following pics, that Kitty loves to climb into empty boxes whenever they are available, or even a 6-quart basket. I think the reason for this is, she likes the enclosed feeling of security they offer her, because of her being blind. But now, whenever I go to bed, she jumps up on the bed, and sleeps right next to my pillow, after she comes over to me, and lays on my chest for a good petting session. And or, while I am here working on my computer, she will either be laying down at my feet, or jump up unto my lap, and grab a few ZZZZZ's, or a bit of petting pleasure. It seems to me that the older she gets, the more affectionate she is becoming. Kitty was never a real affectionate cat, except for Jennie, and always very skittish, and I am sure the reason for that is again her being blind.

So, sit back and enjoy the pics below of Kitty. I am sure that they will bring a smile to your face as they always do me whenever I look at them. And as you can see, she is definitely not camera shy. Not like her owner here, who shys away everytime a camera comes out. Her and I are a real team here. I don't know what I would do without her. And I will end by saying, she is a cutie all right. Oooopppsss, she must have heard me type that, as I just got the look. Hahaha

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From your 2 Feline Ladies....Love Cathy...Oct. 6/00

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Hal, I have this gift for your new page for Kitty. I just enjoy bringing joy to you and your accomplishments, and of course Miss(ooppss again)Kitty. *BS*. Bye my dear.

Thanks so much Cathy for this very beautiful Gift.



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