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"December 4, 1998"

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Jack and Linda both happy that their wedding day has finally arrived.

Terri, Maid of Honour, and Sue, a bridesmaid.

"The Witt Family"

Pop, Sherryl, Jack, Linda, Hal, Amanda, and Jennifer."

"The Wedding Party (Maids)

Sherryl, Terri, Linda, Jack, Jennifer, Amanda, and Sue.

"The Wedding party (Men)

Rick, Hal, Linda, Jack, Eric, and Devin.

Jack and Linda's wedding party.

Aunt Doris (83), and Pop (85), who gave the bride away.

"The Deadly Trio". Laughs and trouble galore when these three get together. The best of friends these three are.

Terri, Maid of Honour; Linda, the Bride; and Sue, Bridesmaid.

To my Bro Jack and my Sis Linda: May Peace and Happiness be a part of your every day together.

Your Bro, Hal



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