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Come on in but tred carefully!!!

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This Cave Den graphic was created by my brother Jack " (Niteowl's Place) " for my Entrance page.

Please do no take or remove from my entrance page without my written permission. Thanks.

This Wolf animation was created by Hal (Chandos Wolf).

Please do no take or remove from my entrance page without my written permission. Thanks.

Thank you so much for the honour you have bestowed upon me Pam (Foxi Gramma), my new Dear Friend, with this beautiful Help Save the Wolves animation. I display this animation gift with the same honour in which it was given to me.

Please do not take or remove from my entrance page, without my or Foxi Gramma's written permission. Thanks.

"You know, our American Indian friends always had the right idea. It really is too bad we didn't talk, watch, and learn from them, as we could have; rather than trying to anilate, capture, and control them. I am willing to bet, that the words "pullution"; "extinction", "gun"; and "greed"; would never have been in their vocabulary, and that the earth would still look like you see it in the picture above, as it once was, under their control. No air pollution, no water pollution, no land pollution, and no animal extinction. It is man's greed that will one day destroy this earth as we now know it, as we did our Native Indian friends, and their heritage; and our own heritage; and doom us all. Man, did we ever blow it!!!!



Hal's American Indian graphics created from art by Maija

The wolf howl wav playing, the wolf snow applet and the American Indian framed graphic were gifts given to me by my good friend "Debbie"

*The background, buttons, banner, animations, graphics, photos, gifts and dividers on this page are copywrited and the property of "Chandos Wolf". Please do not use without my written permission.