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Ever since I can remember as a child, I have had a love and fascination for horses. I remember well, Roy Rogers and Trigger; The Lone Ranger and Silver; Tonto and Scout; Gene Autry and Champion, Hop-a-Long Cassidy and Topper; The Cisco Kid and Diablo; and the TV series, Fury; and the books called The Black Stallion; of which I had every book of the collection. I will not admit to knowing all the breeds of horses, or be a professional on the subject at all. One dream I have always had is to one day own my own horse. I still have that recurring dream today.

I have done some horseback riding in my life, and a good friend of mine years ago did in fact reach, and live her dream, and did own her own horse before she passed away. I will always remember how excited she was the day she was buying her own horse. Her and I went horseback riding alot, her on her own horse, and me on a borrowed horse from the stable of another friend, where she boarded her horse.

You will find on this page, and my preceeding page, pictures of horses I happen to have. I do hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do sharing them with you. And just maybe, one day, we will be able to take a ride together.

"Audios Amigo"



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