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Thank you so much for the honour you have bestowed upon me Pam, my new Dear Friend, with this Loyalty and Dedication award, Dedicated to saving the Wolf, and for the beautiful Help Save the Wolves animation. I display this award and animation gift with the same honour in which they were given to me.


Copyright ? Stormy 1998

Howling in the night
They send shivers down my spine
That lilting lonely song of the Wolf
Bemoaning injustices of time

Stripped of all things familiar
Imprisoned by Man's industrial lust
Having nowhere to teach their young to run free
Their habitat gone to concrete and dust

Once the symbol of power and strength
A guiding spirit to the native of our land
It's parimiters reduced and numbers decreased
Fallen victims at the ruthless hands of Man

So sing your cries for conscience sweet Wolf
Call on the spirits of Wolves gone before
Blend the cries of the Wolf with the heartbeats of the wind
And lyrics of mythical legends and lore



This Beautiful Background by WOLFSONG

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