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Hal and Jennie met in, May, 1989, and were married on August 10, 1991. Jennie passed away on December 11, 1995.

(Please visit Hal's Dedication page to Jennie)

Hal and Jennie, August 10, 1991

Jennie, August 10, 1991

Jennie and her 4 sisters, and her brother..

L to R: Marie, Jennie, Lenie, Sya, Betty, and Rev. Arie VanEek.

Jennie and her 3 sisters, September, 8, 1995

L to R: Jennie, Sya, Lenie, and Betty

L to R: Back: Duane, Murray, Mike, Dave, and Joyce

L to R: Front: Lesley, Hal, and Jennie.


August 1, 1945 <--> December 11, 1995

~ Jennie's Five Children ~





(First of non-identical twins)


(Second of non-identical twins)

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