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"Page 3"

The Chandos Wolf became a reality in August, 1998, and I have met and made some very special "Friends" on here as I have gone along. And a few lifelong friendships have been developed. I have therefore dedicated this page to my new "Special Friends", and proudly allocate each of you your own special place on my "Friends" pages.

Sue...Another very "Special" friend. Sue and I kept each other company every morning over coffee. We also will be life long friends. Sue is now a welcomed visitor and friend to our home!!!

Wanda...A very "Special" friend. I have known Wanda here for awile now, and we always chat up a storm. And we will be always be good friends.

Dianne...A very good friend. I have known Dianne here for awile now, and we always have a few laughs.

Michelle...A very good friend. We show each other our new pages we have created, and compare notes with our computer problems. We laugh and gggrrrrr together. Hahaha

Chris...A very good friend. I have just recently met Chris, through mutual circumstances, and she has become a very close friend..



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