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My Dad's Family

"The Witt Family"

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"My Grandparents"

My Grandmother and Grandfather Witt's house.

Built in 1919 by my Grandfather, and they moved in December 3, 1919.

My Grandmother and Grandfather Witt in front of their house.


My Grandmother---Viella Witt.

August 13, 1891 to December 19, 1974

My Grandfather---Henry T. Witt.

September 2, 1886 to August 10, 1952

"My Grandparents Family"

My Grandmother and Grandfather had four children. Harold(my Pop), Doris(my Aunt),Howard(myUncle), and Russell(my Uncle).

My Aunt Doris

September 8, 1917

My Aunt Doris.

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