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"The Witt Family Cottage"

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"The Cottage Beginnings"

As the story has been told to me, back in the summers of 1943, and 1944, My Grandfather Henry Witt, my Great Uncle Ted (my Grandfather's brother), and my Pop, Harold, would sit on my Grandfather's front verandah during their summer vacation, and discuss how nice it would be to have a summer place to go and spend their summer vacations and do some fishing; rather than just sitting at home. So, in the spring of 1945, an add for a summer cottage for sale was seen by my Pop, and they replied and went up to see the place all together, and they purchased the property. There were two cottages on the property, and my Uncle ted and his wife, my Aunt Clara took possession of the smaller of the two cottages, and my Grandfather, and my Pop then took possession of the larger cottage with their respective families. And this is how we obtained the Witt Family Cottage which is still in the family today. Today, my Aunt Doris and my brother Jack own the cottage equally and respectively.

I hope to in the near future, show you what the Cottage looked like in 1945, and share with you the changes that have taken place over the proceeding years, up to what it looks like today. There has ben alot of changes that have taken place up there, and alot of memories to share, as well. I have spent the majority of my life, and my summer vacations there. I have found that Cottage life is not for everyone. You have to really enjoy peace, quiet, and total solitude. And you have to have a love for nature, as it is abundent there.

It is over an hours drive in either direction from the cottage, to larger cities if shopping malls, theatres, or fine dining out is your pleasure. Otherwise it is the small town 5 miles out from the cottage which has an IGA, or two smaller family run grocery stores, a beer store, a couple of church's, two garages, and a couple of small family run restaurants, if that is to your liking. There is nothing like a couple of black bass filets on the BBQ, or cooked on the stove. And you have to create your own social calendar, as we have no Television; and either fishing, boating, swimming, reading, taking hikes or walks, and or playing cards, is the usual activity at hand.

And there is nothing like sitting down at the dock, overlooking the lake with a coffee in hand, either watching the sun rise, and the sounds of nature aound you coming to life, in the early morning, as daylight ascends upon you; or watching the sun set in the evening as darkness approaches, and the peaceful quiet of total solitude sets in for the nite. It is so quiet up there at nite, you can honestly hear a pin drop. And black as the ace of spades. And the sky just lites up with all the stars, and if a full moon is out, does shed a bit of lite on the subject.

So, I do hope you enjoy the Cottage life I am about to share with you, and hopefully enjoy your visit with me. I will put an extra filet on the BBQ for you.

Hal. (Chandos Wolf)

Just imagine, sitting down on the dock with a coffee in hand, or a fishing rod, looking at these beautiful sunsets, almost every nite.

The front of the cottage facing the lake.

A view of the lake from the dock, and landing the boat after taking the kids for a ride.

Hal reroofing the cottage in August, 1992

Hal's Rambo look. Cottage spring cleaning.



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