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Two Gray Reef Sharks

Hello my friend Chandos Wolf

A while back I was browsing around looking at various adoptions on the web.  I came across a site that offers "Totem Animals" for adoption.  I ended up reading through to find out exactly what a "totem animal" was.  I have always loved learning about various cultures and the Native American culture is a rich one indeed.  I was amazed to learn about the beliefs behind totem animals.

Now most would believe that my totem animal would naturally be the shark.  Simply because I am drawn to them and have a love for them.  Yet actually, I would have 2 totem animals (if I follow the custom behind them) and neither are a shark!  In the last several years I have crossed paths with 2 magnificent creatures.

Since childhood, I have had many encounters with the red tail hawk.  To date, I have a female who frequents my tree, right outside my living room window.  She'll sit there for over an hour watching me as I watch her, and she is totally comfortable with my presence.  Yet if someone else comes along, she leaves.   The other day I was blessed to finally see her mate.  He would not come close or rest on the branches of the tree, but continued to sore above and call to her.  The sight of which actually brought tears to my eyes.  It was incredible!

The other animal, is the cougar.  Three years ago I was very blessed indeed to cross paths with a magnificent female cougar.  I was out late one evening (visiting my sister in central Nebraska) looking for a lost dog.  In this tiny town, in the middle of nowhere, I heard a low growl come from a wooded area on the edge of town.  Moments later as I was walking by the deserted ball field (just after 1am) there she was!  Walking very slowly towards me.  I stopped and she paused and sat down.  We just looked each other in the eyes, she was less than 25 feet away.  I was so amazed!  Then she stood, turned and walked slowly away into the darkness only occasionally looking back over her shoulder at me.  That was one of the most incredible moments of my life and left me in total awe.   This cougar had been spotted many times over the years in this area, but no one had ever been so close or for so long.  I think we stared at one another nearly 10 minutes.  The next day (thanks to rain & wet gravel) my sister, niece and I were able to find her paw prints and also an impression of where she sat in the could even see the impression of her thick long tail!  It was amazing!!  Something I'll never forget.

Well, anyway, those would be my totem animals I believe.  So why am I telling you this?  *Grin*   Since I first saw your site, waaaay back when... I have wanted to make you a gift, yet I could never think of anything to make.  Last night, your mail to me so touched me, I knew I wanted to thank you & thank you for your friendship as well.  This morning when I awoke, I  knew exactly what I wanted to make and went in search of tubes for my paint shop pro!  Below is the friendship gift I have come up with, I hope you like it! 

~~ Cat ~~

~~ (Graceful Catshark) ~~

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Animated Globe with Wolf, Cougar and Eagle

Thank you Cat for such a beautiful gift page and the gorgeous animated friendship globe gift. What a unique and touching surprise.

I am sure your experiences with the Red Tailed Hawk and the Cougar, your "Totem Animals" is something that will forever remain in your heart and mind. Thank you so much for sharing these touching stories and fond rememberances with me.

I am so proud and honoured to have met you and now call you my good friend.

~~ Hal ~~

~~ (Chandos Wolf)~~

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Red Tailed Hawk pictures used on background credited to:

E. Dale Joyner Nature Preserve at Pelotes Island

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